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Our company, ADAS or African Dream Adventure Safaris, has been thriving for 13 years now, with the help of Tanzanian, American and Russian tour operators who care that you receive the once in a life time adventure you’ve always dreamed of!

There are many epic adventures to choose from including our famous Serengeti National Park where the world’s largest migration of large animals happens, the historic Ngorongoro Crater to possibly view some of the last of the world’s Rhino population, Lake Manyara where the roar of lions echo through ancient forests, Tarangire National Park where well known herds of elephants saunter past your jeep, and, perhaps, end with a trip to the Indian Ocean on the. Island of Zanzibar, known for the turquoise waters, luxury cottages on the beach, and Stone Town, a labyrinth of stone walls that are steeped in history. Maybe you’d like to spend the first week climbing the “roof of the sky”, Mount Kilimanjaro before heading to the cultural towns of Moshi and Arusha to prepare for your safari. If seeing animals without the jeeps and tourists is your desire, we suggest taking our 4 day trip to Mt. Meru, where you can walk through herds of giraffe and zebra while getting a great workout as you ascend the less famous mountain, located next to Mt Kilimanjaro (where there are not nearly as many animals).

Whatever you dream of, we will help you to make it come true. Also, we have never had a guest disappointed with the wildlife viewing. You will get to see the last of the world’s largest animals. Unfortunately, as we all know, animals are being poached and, for environmental reasons such as drought and disease, are going extinct in large numbers. Please come and witness these wonders of nature, an experience that will stay with you long after you leave Africa.


We offer many activities and conveniences such as:

  • • Airport pick up service
  • • Hotel/Lodge Bookings
  • • Hiking/Safari and Tour Packages/Programs to all of our famous parks
  • • Transportation and Guides included
  • • City Tours
  • • World Heritage sightseeing trips that take you to Tanzania’a cultural/historical places of interest
  • • Car rentals
  • • Private or Business Charters
  • • We can even help you find real estate/property, if that interests you


Our professional, knowledgable and trustworthy staff will ensure that you aren’t just driven around our famous national parks but that you are offered a trained guide knowledgeable about fauna and flora, who speaks English and is willing to answer any of your questions. We want to customize your experience so if you want to stop and observe a herd of elephants for 30 minutes, for example, then that’s what we do. If you want to visit the Maasai Tribes then that is what we will do……to our best ability, we will provide you with an unforgettable experience.


We love questions and await your email! info@adastanzania.com


One of our recent guests surprised her 80 year old mother with a week long luxury safari, something her mother thought she was too old to do but always wanted to experience her entire life. They had an exceptional safari and went home with memories and photos to share with their loved ones for years to come. Another group of young women came to see the “big cats” and were not disappointed as the lions, cheetahs, and leopards were all seen in their natural habitat. They even got to see a lion cub! Whether it’s the culture, the animals, the “upside down trees” (Balboa), the hiking, the historical sites, or the beaches, your dreams of an African vacation will be fulfilled. We even had a young woman who brought suitcases of games and children’s clothing who wanted to visit an orphanage and we made that happen for her. She has returned to visit that orphanage as it made a huge impact on her.


Let’s make your African Adventure Safari Dreams come true!
Call us when you’re ready.

+255 755 686927 info@adastanzania.com


Special Promo & Special Experience

NOTE: Below to see offer various tours of the most common itineraries. Routes can be varied, so if you would like something different email us by clicking link “Email” here. For any interesting one of our offer various below, please email us by clicking link “Email” below the offer package of you are interesting for and add or write the package SAFARI CODE NUMBER in the email subject with a short message of your details below and will send you the full package ITINERARY selected for in details.


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