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Here's our story, maybe you want to know why we are here now !

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  • GILBERT ROBERT (BOBBY) – Travel Consultant
  • ALENA MAGNITCKAIA – Travel Consultant
  • IRENE LILYWHITE – Safari Driver Guide


We at African Dream Adventure Safaris (ADAS). We specialize in tailor making your tour to ensure you get the perfect safari itinerary for you tastes and budget. With a personal touch from the first email right up until we drop you off at the airport, we proud ourselves on offering unparalleled customer service.

We do our best to offer a variety of climbing or safaris that range from the budget to the most premium luxury safaris at fair prices. Of course, our guides and crews, which are our real stars and the ones who can make the difference between a nice trip and a once in a lifetime journey that you will never forget for decades to come. We make sure we have the best, most cheerful, easygoing and knowledgeable guides by reinforcing a very careful recruitment and training process. All our vehicles are extremely well maintained 4x4 Land Cruisers/ Land Rover with pop-up open roof. And all our safaris have unlimited mileage which means you will be able to do game drives for as long and far as you'd like within the parks operational hours.

GILBERT ROBERT (BOBBY) – Travel Consultant

Travel consultant with African Dream Adventure Safaris (ADAS). Tanzanian and living permanently in Arusha town in the northern part of Tanzania. I have been involved in the Tourism Industry for many years. I have been a guide and I still do guiding. I have good experience in wildlife and consider myself a good conservator. As the owner and operator of African Dream Adventure Safaris (ADAS) - I am striving to make sure you will get the best service available and beyond.

The African Dream Adventure Safaris (ADAS) are dedicated to serve you to the best of our ability and we can assure you a 110% commitment from every angle to make sure you get a memorable and unforgettable holiday and helping you realize your Dreams, We will give you a good time and at the same time protect our Environment and its Wildlife that we are living in. I have studied Wildlife Ecology and through the years I have been active to promote Eco-friendly tours. Tourism is a Lifetime industry and we want to make sure its preserved for the better of our coming generations.

Whenever I get the opportunity to lead a Tour be it Mountain or Safaris, I have actively tried to persuade my clients to practice “Leave No trace Ethics”. We will pack in and we will also pack everything out of the protected areas and deposit them on the designated areas. We do short trips to nearby villages to help and assist in Environment oriented projects. We always try to give back to the community by helping whenever possible.

We stress to our guides to care for Wildlife and we promote sustainable Tourism by practicing Eco-friendly trips.

We at African Dream Adventure Safaris (ADAS) are “Conserver of the Land, Wildlife and People”.

Wish you a wonderful time in our country.
Yours Sincerely,

Gilbert Robert (Bobby)
Travel Consultant
African Dream Adventure Safaris (ADAS)

Email: gilbert@adastanzania.com
Phone/WhatsApp : +255755686927 Voice or Text

ALENA MAGNITCKAIA – Travel Consultant

Miss Alena has been actively involved in organizing, adventurous and exhilarating trips around the world. She brings on board a current travel experience of over 42 countries with more than 15 years of organizing successful trips around the world.

She also gives our tours the touch they need based on her knowledge she has acquired over the years when dealing with different groups of people.

Travel Consultant
African Dream Adventure Safaris (ADAS)

Email: alena@adastanzania.com
Phone/WhatsApp : +79602716131 Voice or Text

IRENE LILYWHITE – Safari Driver Guide

I am a female of 27 years, born and raised in Kagera Region on the coast of Lake Victoria. I received my Primary education in Kagera and High school in Zimbabwe. After my form six I relocated to Tanzania. On my return I competed in beauty pageants and also worked as a radio presenter.

In July of 2008 I entered a Professional Tour Guide School and successfully received my advanced certificate. Personally I am a motivated girl, adaptable and responsible. During my course I successfully combined my studies with other commitments in life. In achieving this I have shown myself to be self-motivated, organized and capable of working under pressure. I have a clear, logical mind with a practical approach to problem solving. I am a critical thinker with strong analytical skills in Tour Guiding and leadership skills.

I can speak good English and Swahili, which is my mother tongue. I am eager to learn new things at all times and open to new experiences as they come. I am full of energy and strong and believe I have still lot of good years to work with clients and look forward to a lot of new challenges.

Book a safari with African Dream Adventure Safaris (ADAS) and let me share the wonders of Tanzania with you!

Irene Lilywhite Kashaija