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In its endeavor to provide as comprehensive a service as possible regarding every aspect of the services that it represents and hosts, and while every effort is taken to ensure accuracy, Africa Dream Adventure Safaris (ADAS), or its employees will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies which may appear in these pages, nor will Africa Dream Adventure Safaris (ADAS) be held responsible for any deficiencies as regards its products or services.

We have made our best effort to assure our Website Information is as correct and current as possible. However, information can quickly become out of date, and errors and omissions can arise - especially when dealing with African

countries. Consequently, we reserve the right to change any information contained on this site at any time without prior notice.

When you undertake any type of Adventure Travel you must have Flexibility and Patience. Its very nature is to be unpredictable. This is certainly true when traveling to all African countries. Roads can be unreliable, communication not always available, local conditions are ever changing, and of course the weather is always an unpredictable factor.

Please understand that while we will do everything in our power to provide the services that we have agreed upon, there may be circumstance beyond our control that prevent us from exactly following any prearranged itinerary or plans.

Considering many factors, your tour director who is responsible for your safety, may be forced to make changes in your itineraries. We will only do this if we consider that it is the best option under the given circumstances.

On Kilimanjaro hikes please be aware that only the Marangu route has a reliable and equipped rescue team. Rescue services on other routes is done by contacting the Park Headquarters who will then send the rescue team. The mountain rescue fees covers rescue service from the top to the base of the mountain. It only covers you until you reach the bottom of the mountain. We strongly recommend that you purchase evacuation insurance that would cover your transportation and care from the base of the mountain to a medical facility.

Africa Dream Adventure Safaris (ADAS) does NOT provide any type of insurance and we require that anyone using our services purchase travel, medical, and evacuation insurance. It is the responsibility of the customer to assure that they have proper coverage for any activities they may be undertaking.

Be advised that many insurance policies specifically exclude such high risk activities as high altitude climbing, hiking, or safaris with possible exposure to wild animals. Please

carefully read the terms and understand what is and is not covered by any policy you may purchase.

We are not in a position to give medical advice. It is YOUR responsibility to consult you physician prior to traveling and discuss specific recommendations for you and the areas where you will be traveling. You may wish to consult a physician specializing in International Travel.