Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Old Is Your Company?

A: We are a company recently formed in 2008. The 13 years of an experience gives us many opportunities and certainly gives us an incentive to work even harder for you.

Q: Why Should We Select Your Company?

A: Again, since we have an experience of 13 years we will work as hard as possible to assure you have an enjoyable and safe trip regardless if it is a climb of Kili or a safari. We have the devotion to attend to all the details that are required for a successful trip. We can assure you that we will give nothing short of our absolute best effort to provide a quality experience at an affordable price.

Our services are dependable, reliable and efficient. Our services are competitively priced to give the best satisfaction for your money.

On all our varied destinations and climbs we guarantee excellence of service in our area of expertise. You can rest assured that we are dealing in what we know and what we do best. Our mission is the provision of quality services to our clients while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Q: What "personal service" do you offer?

A: Our team's mission is to satisfy each client or group in an individual way, by offering them not just a pre-set package off the shelf but rather unique adventure and safari activities unique to our region and tailored to your specific interests. Because we are small, we have the ability to customize for your particular needs.

Q: What consultative services do you offer?

A: We have had pesonnel experience in travel and safari and are willing to share our knowledge. We will do our best to give honest answers when we know them and tell you if it is something we do not. We will take the time to discuss your interests, travel style, budget, and time frame, all factors that can influence your trip. We will work very hard to ensure a tour that's just right for you.

Q: How does your expertise benefit me?

A: Our staff has traveled to many different safari camps, lodges, and hotels throughout Tanzania and East Africa in addition to successfully climbing Kilimanjaro. There is no better substitute than first hand knowledge when it comes to designing your tour. Our knowledge gained from our personnel experience is available to you.

Q: How competitive are your prices?

A: Our prices are competitive. We realize that there are companies out there that offer what looks like similar services for “cheaper” prices. When making your choice between companies please remember the old saying “you get what you pay for”. Yes, you can find lower prices, but we feel that if you are taking the time and effort to travel to our country that you deserve the best possible experience within your budget. We feel that “cutting corners” is not in your or our best interest.

We believe that the pleasure of your happy memories will outweigh the "pleasure" of paying a lower price and being disappointed with your tour.

We believe that our tours offer you the best value for your money. We will always work with you to make the most of your given budget to allow you to enjoy quality service and provide the little 'extras' that make your tour that much more unique. All services, accommodations, guides and travel arrangements are continually monitored and evaluated. We can assure you that we will provide you with the quality of product and service you are looking for.

Q: How can payment be made?

A: You can securely and conveniently make payment by direct transfer to our Tanzanian Bank Account or by sending a Certified Check.

Once we have agreed on your perfect African Adventure, we will provide you with the details of how to make the bank transfer if that is your preference.

Unfortunately, at this time we are no longer able to accept Credit Cards or PayPay.

If you are sending a Certified Check, please allow time for the funds to clear your financial institution, which can take a considerable length of time especially if International.

Payment will only be considered to have been made when they have been cleared by your bank and accepted by ours.

For payment for incidental expenses please carry US Dollars. We will not be able to accept credit card payments while in Tanzania. ATM machines are available throughout the country.

Q: How safe will I be in your country?

A: In general people are extremely friendly in Tanzania and you will be impressed by their hospitality. But, there is real poverty in Tanzania and you will soon realize that you are far "richer" than most of the local people you will meet. You will probably attract many souvenir hawkers and beggars. While serious crime is uncommon theft can be a problem, you must be aware of your surrounding and not leave yourself vunerable.

Tanzania has a dependable Police force that work very hard to keep you safe.

Some Basic Safety Rules for Travelers to Tanzania are:

Make a copy of your passport and keep it in your luggage.

Don't walk on your own at night in the major cities or on empty beaches.

  • Don't wear jewelry.
  • Don't carry too much cash with you.
  • Wear a money belt that fits under your clothes.
  • Don't carry a lot of camera equipment especially in the major cities.
  • Beware of thieves posing as police officers.

Q: Where can I get additional information?

A: Check the Official Tanzania Embassy Website in the USA at: http://www.tanzaniaembassy-us.org/